Presentaciones en la PTEC




23 de Noviembre de 2017


Gereon Uerz. ARUP


Four complementary and interdependent key trends are driving the future of mobility global: decarbonisation of  the  transport  sector  (aka  electrification  of  drivetrain),  connectivity  (“internet  of  mobility”),  automation  of  transport  (autonomous  vehicles)  and  MaaS  (mobility  as  a  service).  The  transformation  of  the  mobility ecosystem  as  we  know  it  will  be  massive  and  holds  significant  challenges  and  opportunities  for  transport  providers, municipalities, regulation, OEM and infrastructures. The presentation will provide a higher level overview on the trends, drivers and case studies transforming the mobility/transport  system  right  now,  provide  a  vision  for  the  mobiliuty  ecosystem  20  years  from  now  and  highlight the most relevant challenges to be tackled in the short to medium term.

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