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14 de Marzo de 2018


RAGTIME project performed strategic study based on the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP)


Although the EU transport infrastructure network is of world class quality, several aspects can still be improved. Particularly, the most modern infrastructures are needed to remain among the best in the world. However, rapidly changing business and natural environments make the development more difficult: new legislations, standards and policy, sudden changes in social behaviour and the increasing impact of climate change. In this context, the RAGTIME project performed a strategic study based on the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) to address current and upcoming barriers to an efficient transport infrastructure management. Five categories of macro and micro-evolutions that may significantly disrupt current business models have been identified: environment protection policy and climate change effect, multimodal transportation, increase demand for transportation, enforced security policies and the digital revolution. As a result, six innovative business models are proposed to designers, constructors and operators of transport infrastructures to adapt their strategy. Click here to access the Deliverable about this work or contact for more information.


TECNALIA coordinates the RAGTIME PROJECT. ACCIONA and UNICAN are partners of the project.