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28 de Febrero de 2018


New technologies slash energy costs for public buildings


Buildings account for around 40 % of energy consumption in Europe and one-third of carbon dioxide emissions. Older buildings are remarkably inefficient by modern standards and with 90 % of Europe’s buildings dating from before 1990 we have a long way to go to cut their use of energy.


“We are in a different situation compared to other parts of the world, as we already have a massive built environment,” says Giulia Barbano of UK-based Integrated Environmental Solutions and coordinator of the EU-funded RESSEEPE project. “We have a lot of existing buildings that perform quite poorly and we don’t have a large capacity for new construction.”


The 27 partners of RESSEEPE set out to tackle the large and complex problem of how best to upgrade existing buildings to cut their energy consumption at an acceptable cost. The focus was on public buildings, both to lead the way by demonstrating new approaches and to prove that renovation can be cost effective even in buildings that must remain open every day and even through the night.


Over a two-year period buildings at sites in Spain, Sweden and the UK were renovated with a combination of mainstream energy-saving technologies – such as external insulation, electrochromic windows, LED lighting and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels – and five innovative technologies, some of which are only now becoming commercially available.


Next PTEC members participate in RESSEEPE project: OHL, TECNALIA, UPC, LEITAT, EURECAT and Grupo Puma


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