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22 de Febrero de 2018


Preparing for climate change: geospatial services for Europe's cities


DECUMANUS is a project partly funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. UPM is partner of the project.


The Decumanus project focused on ways of exploiting data from satellites, ground-based sensors and other sources to inform the measures cities take in order to mitigate climate change or prepare for its effects. “We wanted to supply environmental managers with input that would once have been impossible to obtain,” says the project’s technical manager, Julia Pecci-López, of consulting and technology company Indra in Madrid.


“To do so, we combined data from different sources, exploiting collections that already existed to derive new information,” Pecci-López explains. Decumanus applied this approach for urban indicators in seven areas central to city development: air quality, energy efficiency, land use, population variations, public health, urban climate, water.


In total, she notes, the project addressed about 90 indicators, achieving an unprecedented level of detail. Specific information can be produced for every street and building in the city.


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