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08 de Febrero de 2018


eTEACHERs Project. Spanish pilots’ visit


The eTEACHER’s partners from Nottingham City Council, De Montfort University, Cemosa, Agencia Extremeña de la Energía and Laura OTERO (LO) visited the Spanish Pilot buildings located in Extremadura Region on January 9th-11th. The first day, they visited the two health care centres. The second day, they visited the high school and the kindergarden. During the last day, they visited the office building and the residential building. The visit aimed at collecting information about buildings, users, facilities and monitoring systems with special focus on characterising the interaction of users with systems. For that purpose, our partners had the opportunity to walk through the buildings and talk to some of the buildings´ users such as energy and building managers, teachers, office workers, doctors, etc.


Additional information about eTEACHERs project is available at this link