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01 de Febrero de 2018


Building on a 3D solution for resource-efficient construction


The HINDCON project aims to build on the huge cost-saving potential that ‘additive manufacturing’ (AM) or 3D printing could have on the construction industry. The technique works by adding material layer by layer, to create bespoke concrete products.


“Huge efficiencies can be achieved because only the exact quantity of material needed is used,” explains HINDCON project coordinator Jorge Rodríguez of Vías y Construcciones in Vias, Spain. “It also gives the sector much greater flexibility in terms of what can be produced. It is too early to talk about results at this stage, but I can tell you that our aim is to achieve a 28 % reduction in manufacturing time compared with previous 3D printing techniques and a 60 % time reduction compared with traditional methods,” he says.


The ultimate goal of the HINDCON project is to incorporate this technology in manufacturing processes that also involve subtractive manufacturing (SM). This more conventional technique involves creating building products through the controlled removal of material from a block.


VIAS y CONSTRUCCIONES is the coordinator of the project


“A hybrid, all-in-one machine that combines both of these techniques could save the construction industry time and money through eliminating the need for separate post-processing,” explains Rodríguez. “This would mean that a lot of onsite finishing work would no longer be needed.”


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