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16 de Noviembre de 2017


Disruptive innovation delivering industrial solutions that make a difference


The CITyFiED project met at Istanbul Technical University, September 2017 and spent time visiting fellow consortium member Mir Unique Solutions and their in house centre of technology, called MITEC, Mir Innovation and Technology Centre. Mir have been at the heart of district heating solutions developed in Soma, Turkey and have developed an approach to industrial innovation benefiting projects around the world.


Although best known for their district heating pipe technologies, the CITyFiED site visit revealed a multi-disciplined staff spanning agriculture, composite materials, chemistry, mechanics, construction, electronics and software. Deputy General Manager, Dr Zafer Gemici explained to the group how Mir acts as an incubator for technology excellence – harnessing a continued dedication to applied research learning, strong collaboration with universities and a desire to see minimum scale prototypes all the way through to successful spin offs. “Our focus is on the highest value, disruptive innovations and taking them across the ‘valley of death’ with our technology, research and marketing know how” explained Dr. Gemici.  Manager of Materials & Chemistry Department Dr. Mustafa Doğu gave additional detail to the CITyFiED group about a range of commercialisation approaches deployed with various partners and institutions to scale and deliver Mir solutions to market or as part of a dedicated industrial assignment. Management guide this process with a stage gate approach to reduce project risk and critical ‘go/no-go’ decisions from a Technology Management Board. Dr. Gemici and the team also shared how international project management standards, ISO processes, online workflows and reporting tools all play their role in spin off successes – as well as the numerous intelligent fast failures needed to achieve them.


ACCIONA CARTIF and TECNALIA are partners of the project


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