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08 de Noviembre de 2017


EIT Mid-Term Evaluation Report & Consultation on EIT's Future


The European Commission published the mid-term evaluation report on the EIT. This Report aims at examining how the EIT fulfils its missions. The conclusions are:


The EIT is the only EU body that fully integrates business, research and education and that this integration is crucial to effectively boost innovation in a pan-European way


The  EIT has the potential to be a thought leader and a source of knowledge and good practice for policy makers and the broader European innovation community


The EIT Community delivers ground-breaking results, has supported hundreds of start-ups across Europe, enabling growth and innovation, and this will lead to important societal impact through job creation and an economic boost


The EIT’s existing Innovation Communities bring innovative solutions to key challenges in the areas of climate, digitalisation, energy, food, health and raw materials


To prepare for the EIT’s future as an integral part of European innovation and to better serve Europe as its largest Innovation Community, the EIT is currently developing its next Strategic Innovation Agenda (EIT SIA) 2021-2027. In this context, all stakeholders and European citizens are invited to share their input on the directions of our future strategy. 


Please send your feedback to by 8 November.


EIT Mid-Term Evaluation Report


EIT Next Strategic Innovation Agenda