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06 de Julio de 2017


NTPs network


This is newsletter No.11 of the network of National Construction Technology Platforms or similar National organizations in some European countries.


This network aims to promote synergies on R&I in the construction sector among these countries, in collaboration with ECTP ( and the European Commission.


There are contacts between this network and 15 countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and UK) and some occasional contacts in other countries.


This newsletter includes contributions from:

•      ECTP on the General Assembly (June 13th) and 2017 PPPs Impact workshop


•      DG Growth on the Construction conference (July 6th, 2017)


•      REFINET CAs with its main outcomes


•      Some NTPs:


o   British TP on flood resilient homes


o   German TP on several events


o   Polish TP on European Bioeconomy Congress 2017


o   Portuguese TP on Cluster AEC


o   Spanish TP on 9th PTEC workshop and 13th PTEC conference


•      NTPs network with the participation at ECTP Infrastructure & Mobility plenary session and at ECTP General Assembly (June 13th, 2017) and collecting contributions on T&I for REFINET CSA.


Newsletter No.12 will be published in November 2017.

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